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Tarmac Repairs Kent

Most tarmac surfaces look great when first laid. However, with constant exposure to sunlight and weathering, tarmac does deteriorate quite quickly. The resins in the tarmac will rapidly dry out in the sun and the original colour will fade over time.

As the surface dries out, the tarmac will gradually break up very slowly. The first sign of this is 'fretting', wherby loose tarmac chippings can be seen across the surfcae and may need to be sewpt off quite frequently. Cracks may also start to form, especuially around the edges.

In the past, complete replacement of the tarmac surface may have been the only option. However, we can now transform any tarmac surface that is still intact but could do some aspect of colour restoration and sealing. We can also carry out minor repairs to the surface of the tarmac prior to carrying out the refurbishment of the surface.

The simple stages of our tarmac restoration process are outlined below:-

  • Pre-treat with anti-fungicide to kill off moss and algae spores
  • Pressure washing of the tarmac
  • Removal of loose chippings caused  by fretting
  • Carry out minor reairs to the tramac if necessary
  • Fill in any cracks
  • Apply multiple coats of Tarmaseal (tarmac restorer)

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